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Our Great God and the Future

The news headlines are full of things we might consider "shocking." I read an article this morning about how the sexual revolution has led to a fight for the legality of transgender sex change surgeries for minors. Who could have predicted that we'd be having such a public debate on puberty blockers for young children? Just a few years ago we would have arrested people for doing such things! When the culture and circumstances are spinning without boundaries and the world has no answers, and when the church seems that it has lost its salt in the sea of uncertainties, the Christian can bow his or her head and say, "but there is a God in heaven." This is what Daniel did when Nebuchadnezzar threatened death and wanted something that only God could provide.

The Bible speaks of a faith that is grounded in this great God who holds the future. It tells us that we have a God who controls the winds and the waves and does everything according to His perfect and wise counsel. This is the God to whom we look when life circumstances begin to spin out of control and when we are at the end of our tether.

In Daniel 2, we see that it is this God who has given Nebuchadnezzar a dream. The king is so skeptical of his "wise men" that he asks them to interpret the dream, without giving them the content of the dream! Imagine going to a business consultant for advice about how to fix your business, without telling him what the business is! Nebuchadnezzar challenged his wise men including Daniel and his three friends.

Daniel was probably a young wise man at this time and new to the king's court, but Daniel knew the great God of heaven who had given the dream to the king. Daniel and his three friends prayed for God to give them the dream and its interpretation. Nebuchadnezzar asked Daniel, “Are you able to make known to me the dream that I have seen and its interpretation?” Daniel answered the king and said, “No wise men, enchanters, magicians, or astrologers can show to the king the mystery that the king has asked, but there is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries" (Da 2:26–28).

There is a God in heaven who reveals mysteries! This God is our great God and He alone can tell the future! Come this Sunday to hear more about Our Great God and the Future.

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