André was born and raised in Guatemala. Since he was raised as an M.K., or “missionary kid”, he was always involved in the Church. His father still pastors and his parents are both missionaries in Guatemala.

André grew up in an American missionary school. In his early teens, he spent two years in New Jersey with his family, as his dad worked as a Worship Pastor. He finished high school in Guatemala but was heavily influenced by American culture throughout his life.

Being a Pastor’s kid, or “P.K.”, as many people call it, it was only natural that he would be involved in worship. André has always loved music, so as a kid he learned to play the piano, guitar, and the drums. He started leading worship in his teens at his local church and then proceeded to lead worship around Guatemala.

After High School and following a couple of years in music conservatory in Guatemala, André moved to the United States in 2016 to continue his education at Berklee College of Music and St. Petersburg College. He holds certificates in Music Performance from Berklee College of Music, Audio Technology, and Music Industry Recording Arts from St. Petersburg College. While in the United States, André has continued to lead and serve in worship, as well as produced the music of Christian and secular artists and songwriters. Through his love for music, he hopes to bring praise to God and bring revival to the community around Tradewinds Church.

When he isn’t making music, André likes to watch movies, eat somewhat healthy, and cheer for his favorite soccer team, Real Madrid.